Release notes

Current version: 2.0.4 Download

  • Fixed issue with restarting sessions from a non-root user.
  • Creating the /etc/openport/users.conf file at installation.


  • Checking that both .ssh/id_rsa and .ssh/ exist before using them
  • Bugfix: server port was not reused after closing the app with ctrl-c


  • Rewritten client in Go
  • Updated commands: "openport --list" is now "openport list" Same for forward, list, kill, kill-all, register-key, version and help.
  • Fixed issue with hanging clients (added timeout on http requests)
  • Improved speed, size and memory consumption
  • Terminology: replaced "share" with "session"


  • Fixed ssl issue in ubuntu
  • Python3 compatibility
  • Dependency upgrades
  • Added --keep-alive flag to modify the interval in between the keep-alive messages


  • Added --daemonize flag
  • Fixed issue with saving session without an internet connection
  • Added open-for-ip link in --list output


  • Moved openport to it's own package, so it can be installed as a regular python package.


  • added --name to --register-key


  • Added a Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • ip-link-protection can be switched on and off from the command line
  • You can now create forward tunnels
  • Many bugfixes
  • Removed the manager
  • Only one forward per port
  • Can handle encrypted keys
  • 64 bit version for ubuntu
  • Better warnings and messages
  • Better signal handling
  • Show extra information with --list --verbose



  • Port forwarding
  • Http forwarding
  • Restart on reboot