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Download & Installation

Follow the instructions below to download and install Openport.

Step 1: Download the latest version

Use the buttons below to download the Openport version that is right for you.

Debian AMD64 / Ubuntu 64-bit Download
Debian/Raspbian ARMHF (Raspberry Pi Zero) Download
Debian/Raspbian ARM 64-Bit (RPI3, RPI4, RPI5) Download
Red Hat 64 bit / Fedora 64 bit / CentOs 64 bit/ Scientific Linux 64 bit Download
Mac OS X 10.8+ Download
Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 Download

You can download previous versions here.

Step 2: Install

Windows / Mac OS X

Double click the installer and follow the instructions.

Debian / Raspbian / Ubuntu

Run the following command:

$ sudo dpkg -i openport_*.deb
Red Hat / Fedora / CentOs / Scientific Linux

Run the following command:

$ sudo rpm -i openport_*.rpm

Step 3: Run it

That's it! Now you can start sharing your ports. Simply enter the following command on the command line. Don't forget to replace the port by the one you want to share!

$ openport 8080

Check out "help" for more options:

$ openport --help

Step 4 (Optional): Create an account

Click here to see your devices and on-line sessions.